A Word from the President: Jean Héder Petit-Frére, D.Min., CEO

Greetings and welcome to Shabach Ministries International.  In 1992 Shabach Ministries was started after a vision I had about the potential of my home country, Haiti.  I saw that Haiti could rise out of the despair, poverty, and corruption that she was entrenched in and become a nation of justice, truth, and prosperity if her people would repent and change the way they think.  I believe that change cannot happen in a nation unless the mindset of the people changes first.  In other words, the change must come from the ground up.  Shabach was started to help facilitate that change. 

I believe that only the praises of God's people will break through the principalities over the nation.  That being the case Shabach Ministries launched Famille Tabernacle de Louange in 1993
(Family Tabernacle of Praise or FTL).  FTL was our first church and has grown to over 1200 members.  The church is dedicated to teaching the uncompromising word of God and training up the leaders of tomorrow. 

In addition to the church we believe that it is necessary to educate children.  Without knowledge and the ability to think for themselves the next generation would become the pawns of the corrupt as is often the case in Haiti.  Even though it may not pay right now to educate them it will pay in the future when they become responsible and dignified citizens.

The vision doesn't stop there either.  We have entrepreneurial schools, radio broadcasts, food programs, and much more.  Through these and other ministries and programs we are seeing the hearts and minds of the people change and the nation is being transformed. 

If you would like to to be a part of this amazing experience, I invite you to read on.  Throughout this website you will learn about the many great things God is doing in Haiti and how you can be a part of it. 

Looking forward to all that we will accomplish through Christ,

Jean Héder Petit-Frère