Family Tabernacle of Praise, Desarmes

The church Breath of Life is located in Desarme, Haiti.  Desarme is locally known as the gateway to the Voodoo capital of Haiti.  As you drive down the winding mountain road to get there you will see far more Voodoo temples than Christian churches.  In fact the building that neighbors Breath of Life is a Voodoo temple. 

The impact Breath of Life has had on its superstitious community has been profound.  People who once let their lives be ruled by the fear of evil spirits and witch doctors are now experiencing true freedom in Christ.  As the church grows the irrational superstition that governed the community is being replaced by God-given reason and sense.  Farmers who once neglected to water their crops for fear of angering a spirit now are learning the way that God intended crops to be raised.

Already the church building is too small for it's parishioners and church services must be held early in the morning while it is still cool.  For a time there was a Christian school meeting in the church building, however, because of the metal roof, the space it sheltered regularly became too hot for the children.  Consequently, the school has been postponed until another structure (with a concrete roof) can be built.

Family Tabernacle of Praise, Carrefour
Gatekeeper of a global vision

Since its founding in 1993 Family Tabernacle of Praise (FTL) has been dedicated to teaching the uncompromising word of God and to training up tomorrows leaders.  In it's early days the teachings and beliefs of FTL were uncommon and unconventional; many neighboring churches spread the rumor that FTL was a cult.  Nevertheless, the transforming power of God's word could not be masked for long.  Quickly the surrounding community came to love and cherish the new church.  Now many of the pastors that opposed FTL in its early days attend a bi-monthly pastors' breakfast  to receive training, prayer, and encouragement which is hosted at FTL.

Today FTL has a church body over 1200 people strong.  They meet during two services on Sunday morning.  The teaching are streamed live online each Sunday and the church also produces and hosts live National Christian Radio Conferences.  Family Tabernacle of Praise is located in Carrefour, Haiti.