The Ministry Vision

The Spiritual Aspect:  Family Tabernacle of Praise


Equipping Kingdom citizens for global impact


  1. A church with a strong emphasis on praise and worship.
  2. A praise and worship team that travels throughout the country conducting praise and worship seminars in the various churches nation wide.
  3. Church planting throughout the nation of Haiti and overseas.
  4. Strong emphasis on counseling. The training of lay people in marriage, pre-marital, family and crisis counseling etc.
  5. A sending church. Strong in Evangelism and Missions with special emphasis on the evangelization of men so that they will assume their God-given responsibilities in their families and the society in general.
  6. Discipleship and leadership training and development
  7. Cell groups
  8. Bus ministry


It is our desire to establish schools that are adaptable to modern educational techniques where the students are encouraged to think, dream, invent and make full use of their creativity. Schools where the students are encouraged to have a solid relationship with Jesus Christ and from which they will leave to become useful citizens in society.


  1. The establishment of kindergarten and primary schools
  2. Secondary schools where students will gain work experience in different organizations
  3. English High School (ACE program)
  4. Business School - to prepare young entrepreneurs
  5. Adult Education – literacy and High School completion programs.
  6. University



  1. Phase I- Radio and TV program
  2. Phase II- Radio and TV stations
  3. Factories (textile, craft for exportation ect.)
  4. A library and research center
  5. Christian bookstores
  6. Shabach International Business Association - to help facilitate business ideas and enterprises.
  7. Revolving loan program, coupled with technical and entrepreneurial skills training
  8. Feeding program for the indigent
  9. Houses of Hope – rehabilitation program and housing for addicts, teenage mothers who have no homes and abused women.
  10. Children’s homes – Each home will house 10-12 children with a “mom and dad”, husband and wife team in charge.



  1. Hospital
  2. Health clinics with pharmacies
  3. Nutrition courses
  4. Gymnasium
  5. Sports club

Mission Statement

Our desire is not to receive the accolades of men for the work we do, but rather to leave a divine heritage in our country that will enable her to dominate in the affairs of this world.

We declare that no longer shall Haiti be known as a country of beggars, always extending a hand and soliciting help, a country of idlers and the unemployed, a country of voodoo and tricksters, but instead it shall be known as God’s country, a prosperous and honest nation where there will be gainful employment available to all, a country with an entrepreneurial spirit that boasts a modern education system, a country made up of strong family units, that is stable spiritually, socially, economically and politically, a country whose name alone attracts investors, and a country that is respected among the nations, where Christians understand their role and churches are very strong.