April 26th 2010: Grand Opening of Jubilee Christian Academy's New School Building

On Monday the 26th of April Shabach Ministries International reopened school!  Excited parents walked their children to the new campus and stayed to see classes resume.  For many families the reopening of school is the first opportunity they've had to return to normal life; many of them are still living on the streets and most parents are still out of work. 

The new campus was built in response to the need for more schools (about a third of all the schools in the city of Carrefour were destroyed), and a government ban on school buildings with concrete roofs (which prevents Shabach from using the existing school building on the main campus).  The classroom portion of the complex was built with steel posts and beams and features a corrugated zinc roof.

The new campus is still under construction but is at a point where classes can be safely held there.  Windows and doors have yet to be added and some classrooms do not have chalk boards.  The administration building is not safe for occupancy at present but soon will be.  Also under construction are the bathrooms, kitchen, and cafeteria.  The temporary bathroom consists of only a toilet seat over a hole in the ground and a bucket of water to flush with. 

There are 12 classrooms in total which is not enough for all the students.  To handle the disproportionate ratio of students to classrooms classes are held in two shifts: primary grades (K-6th) are held in the morning and secondary grades (7th-13th) are held in the afternoon.  Each shift lasts about five hours.

Because there has been no school for the past three months summer vacation has been canceled.  Classes will last through August with a one month break in September and then resume in October.  

We are honored to provide this return to normalcy to so many families.  The joy that we saw when we opened was profound. 

We hope to finish the school building as quickly as possible so that we can provide food and other services to the students.  Another $60,000 is needed to complete it.  If you would like to help, please click HERE.

     Parents and students entering the new JAC campus                           Parents and students in the courtyard                

Students assemble for morning prayer with Pastor Edward.

Installing the chalk board                                                The temporary bathroom stalls

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