April 6th 2010:  Relief Supplies

We are happy to announce that the first shipment of material supplies have arrived safely in Haiti and have been distributed to those in need. 

Over the past several months supplies for the earthquake relief effort in Haiti have been coming in from all over the United States.  Enough supplies have been gathered for three shipments.  In the first shipment there were:  
  • 14 tons of aid
  • 5,000 pounds of food
  • 1,600 pairs of new shoes
  • 1 water purification system
  • 2,300 toys
  • 22,100 articles of clothing
  • 1,000 gallons of drinking water
  • Blankets and hygiene supplies
Praise God for the enormous response to a desperate situation and thank you to everyone who participated in sending supplies.  However, what has been collected so far is just a drop in the bucket of what is needed.  Because of the great need in the community surrounding Shabach Ministries International all of the supplies received have already been distributed.  Therefore, we are continuing to accept donations.  At this time, tents are the greatest need in terms of material donations.  The rainy season has begun and most people are without proper shelter.  Food is also in great need but it is readily available in Haiti for a price; the most cost-effective way to help feed the hungry is to send money to the Earthquake Relief Effort.  So far, every week we have been able to consistently provide 300-500 people with a week's worth of food.

KLM International received, packed, and shipped supplies from Des Moine, Iowa, to Haiti.

Unpacking the pallets in Haiti                                       Loading the supplies on the church truck

Waiting in line to browse through the clothing items    Local churches leaders receive some supplies to redistribute in their communities