January 22nd 2010: Earthquake Update #3

There are many needs right now in Haiti and those needs are urgent. Everyone in Haiti has been affected be the earthquake and continue to be so due to the frequent tremors (some experts are saying the tremors may last for months). These tremors keep everyone outside. Only the brave venture indoors when they have to. At any moment the slightest shake could bring another building down.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands that have died, many more have lost their homes (and everything in them), their jobs, or someone they loved. The earthquake left no one untouched; it did not distinguish between rich or poor, old or young, man or woman. The consequences of the earthquake are catastrophic. Haiti will never be the same again.

The task now set before the Haitian people is herculean in its scope yet basic in principle: to survive. There are six areas in which Shabach Ministries wants to help accomplish this task:

  1.  Food: provide ready to eat food, oil, rice, corn, sugar, pasta, etc.
  2. Housing: provide tents, mattresses, sheets, and sleeping bags

  3. Water: purchase two new water purifiers 

  4. Health: provide first aid kits, mobile clinics, and vaccines

  5. Clothing

  6. Toiletries

At present all of the above items can be purchased locally. The need is for money to acquire them. Ultimately, the funds necessary to really make a significant impact in the city of Carrefour (a suburb of Port-au-Prince and one of the three hardest hit areas) will be in the millions of dollars. The reason for the high cost is that Carrefour (as well as Port-au-Prince, and Delmas) has experienced almost total devastation; it will be months before the city can be cleaned up and the basic civic and economic operations can resume. In the meantime the people need to survive in spite of that devastation.

Though the cost of recovery will be high any gift is acceptable and can be used to make a difference. If you would like to help purchase some of the basic essentials needed to help the Haitians survive, then you can give by clicking on this link: give. 100% of your donations will be used for purchasing and administering relief supplies. There is no administrative percentage taken out of it.

We would also like to extend an invitation to anyone willing to come to Haiti. The only condition is that anyone wanting to come must be able to withstand the presences of death everywhere (the smell, the sight, etc.). Teams of peoples that would be most welcome would be medical personnel, engineers (to assess structural damage), and laborers to help clean up and rebuild. The sooner we can heal the people and the city the sooner Haiti can become self-sufficient. 

Part of the concern that the ministry has is that Haiti, through this tragedy, will become even more dependent on foreign aid than ever before. Although aid is needed, it remains the goal of Shabach Ministries International to transform Haiti into a prosperous and honest nation by means of education, building solid families, and teaching life skills; a country that is not dependent on foreign aid but one that is dependent on God and is an active contributor to the global economy.

Following are some pictures of the damage that Shabach Ministries' main campus has suffered:

Pastor Jean's Office

Just Outside the Kindergarten

The Media Room at the Church