May 6th 2010: Continuing work at the new campus of Jubilee Christian Academy

While school has reopened work continues on the new school campus.  Electical and plumbing is being installed and the administrative building continues to be constructed.  Due to the small campus area SMI has decided to add more classrooms on top of the administrative building so that all of the necessary subjects can be taught and the students can receive a thurough education.

Again we thank everyone who has been a part of the effort to get Haiti's children back to school.  It has truly been an awesome experience to see everyone come together in support of this project.  It has also been a joy to see the hope that this school has restored to so many broken lives.

If you would like to become a part of this project, then there are several opportunities to do so.  First, funds to finish construction and pay the staff are needed.  The monthly expenses for teacher's salary's are around $8000.  Typically, the school is self sufficient but in light of recent events, many parents cannot afford to pay the tuition.  Another opportunity to get involved would be to send school supplies.  Click HERE to learn more about sending commodity contributions.  Finally, if you have teaching, administrative, or building experience, we encourage you to come and put your talent to work.  All of these are great ways to be a part of something that will change many lives for the better.

Electrical wiring being run for lights and fans                            The foundation of the new bathrooms
Recently added doors and windows of classrooms                                                  The staff               

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