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For information on sending material goods to Haiti click here.
All "purchases" of items listed below are considered donations and are tax deductible as such.

One Lineal Foot of Perimeter Wall: $30.00
The perimeter wall around SMI's main campus in Carrefour, Haiti, was damaged in the January 12th earthquake and needs to be torn down and rebuilt.  The wall protects the main campus from thieves and errant drivers on the street just outside.  The total cost will be about $20,000.  Help us rebuilt the wall by purchasing a one lineal foot segment.



Feed One Person: $35.00/week or $150.00/month
Due to the earthquake on January 12th, 2010, 350,000 people are presently without food in Carrefour, Haiti.  It would cost 1.75 million dollars to feed all of them for only a single day.  However, only about 27,000 have seen help so far.  Please help feed a hungry nation while their country is in the process of being rebuilt. $150.00 will feed one person three square meals a day for one month.

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Feed One Student for a Month: $20
For some time there were about 600 students attending the Taifer school, Breath of Life Christian Academy (BOLCA).  However, due to the increase in food costs and the decrease in available funds the food program had to be cut so that the rest of the school could survive.  For many of the students this was the only meal they received in a day and some of them walked for hours just to get there.  Without a meal they would be too weak to focus on their studies and make it back home safely.  Consequently, the student population dropped to around 200.  If we could once again provide lunches, the student body would increase once again and many children would receive a much needed education.  The meal (pictured at right) consists of rice, beans, sauce, and a little meat.  


Haiti "The Pearl of the Islands" T-Shirt: $30
Support Shabach Ministries International by donating $30 and get a T-shirt (100% cotton).  Shipping is included in price.  "The Pearl of the Islands" is what Haiti used to be called up until the early 19th century.  Until that point Haiti was the wealthiest French colony in the New World.  It is the vision and hope of SMI that through truth, education, hard work, and perseverance Haiti will once again come to be known as the Pearl of the Islands.