May 29th 2010: Radio Revival has Launched!

Praises are due to God for the launch of our first FM radio station!  After years of waiting on the Lord and trusting in Him, all the pieces are finally coming together. At present the station is still in its infancy as there are many hurdles yet to be overcome and much prayer and support is still needed.  We believe however that the God who has helped us thus far will be faithful to complete what He has started.  We have been test broadcasting for over three months now with our limited means.  It has proved to be a huge blessing to many, according to the testimonies that have been coming in.

We have been able to purchase some of the much needed equipment and means to reach a much wider audience.  So far also we have visited two other departments, (the Haitian equivalent of a state in the USA), and are in the process of securing broadcasting licenses in them both.  Our plan is to set up regional stations that will later be all linked on a network, covering the whole nation.  As there are areas where FM radio will not reach, we continue to believe God for an AM station as well.  This will enable us to cover all corners of the nation with the good news of the Kingdom. 

Click HERE to listen to our live broadcast.

New tower at Radio Revival's main station in Carrefour, Haiti

New transmission tower at Del Peche

New radio station equipment
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